Ancient History

The following is not a complete history, it is what the common person knows about the time before the fall of the Old Kingdom. It is broken up into a list of major events and a short description of the event. A high Knowledge History check will reveal more details.

Colonization Era:

When the first settlers began arriving there was no organization to it, almost all people arrived in the north of Avridiel spreading out along the coast. Expansion during this time period was largely driven to discover relics that could be used for Elder Magik. Although largely unsuccesful, expansion continued steadily thanks to a continual stream of new explorers from the mainland. Hundreds of small border kingdoms dotted the north most part of Avridiel, no one able to establish a strong power base.

The Lucali Insurgency:

After several decades of colonization, there was still no clear power base, this changed when the Lucali church arrived in Avridiel in force. Driven by a desire to establish order on the remains of Arvanis in an attempt to bring the Entity back to Ferindale. They quickly made short work of a number of smaller kingdoms who worshipped Arvanis as state religions. It seemed that Lucali would be the rulers of this new land. All that changed when a man known as Duvar the Great discovered Arvanis’ Heart.

The Dawn of the Old Kingdom:

Duvar the Great quickly used the Elder Magik to create a massive new capital around the dead God’s heart. He soon used the Magik to do battle against several rival kingdoms. Quickly bringing them to heel and fully integrating them as part of his growing kingdom. He spread his influence like wildfire. It did not take long before border kingdoms were offering up their lands without a fight, knowing they could not contend with the growing Kingdom’s power. Sensing a possible defeat, the head of the Lucali force followed the example of the smaller kingdoms and surrendered to Duvar. The Old Kingdom had been established.

The Expansion Era:

Having been established as the dominant power in the land, the Old Kingdom, focused on expanding their power and fully explore the new continent. During this time all of North Avridiel was colonized. It also hailed the discovery of the second relic of Arvanis. This one a talon of Arvanis, also holding the same reality altering force known as Elder Magik. The King of the time decided to award protection of the Talon to his brother. The Talon was seen by many as an item of extreme holy import to those who followed the Order of the Talon. As a result a cult surrounding the talon took hold, the King being a follower of Arvanis himself officially recognized the cult and gave it the backing of the entire Kingdom. Worship of Arvanis soon expanded across all of Avridiel, and became the official state religion of the Old Kingdom.

The Southern Colonization:

After a few centuries of established power, explorers from the Old Kingdom began exploring the southern half of the continent past the treacherous mountains that divided the land. After the discovrey of several passages through the mountains, colonization of the south began in ernest. Due to its distance from the capital of the Old Kingdom, the King appointed a cousin of his known as Henrick Regis to be the Governor of the South, making his stronghold in the largest city-state in the south, Ganoth. During this time the remenants of the Lucali made a pilgrimage to the south, to establish a base in the South, hoping to escape religious intolerance in the north. During the later part of the Southern Colonization, a final piece of Arvanis was discovered, this one a peering eye. The King originally wanted to expand the cult surrounding the talon in the north to preserve the Eye. However the Govenor of the south insisted that it be guarded by an order of Mages who’s soul job was to carefully maintain the relic and safeguard it from use. This was the Order of Vissix.

The Age of Unrest:

As time passed, Lucali’s influence in the south spread. Although never recognized in an official sense, many of the Lucali values were imparted on the people of the South. This cultural distinction began to manifest especially when dealing with the more Arvanis-aligned North. It did not take long before the Govenor of the South to grow discontent with the taxation and general oppression inflicted upon them by the North. Public protests and general civil unrest began to become common place in the South. As the people demanded more and more independence from the North. It was not long before there were whispers of seceding from the Old Kingdom.

The Southern Rebellion:

After years of listening to the pleas of his subjects, the Govenor of the South formally seceded from the Old Kingdom. The King in the North was less than pleased over the choice. Armies began marshalling at the mountains bordering the north and the South. The Govenor of the South approached the Order of Vissix, pleaing for assistance against the Old Kingdom. However he was turned away by the Order of mages. It seemed the South would need to rely on their tenacity against the seemingly unstoppable armies of the North backed by the powerful Elder Magik of the Heart and the Talon of Arvanis. It seemed the defeat of the South was assured.

The Fall of the Old Kingdom:

Several conflicts had already occured between the North and the South, and it seemed the North’s victory was assured. And it may have turned out that way too. However before a victory could be secured, the unimaginable happened. Someone had run a sword through Arvanis’ Heart at the center of the Old Kingdom, in a matter of days, the whole land decayed, and all perished within miles of the heart, including the Old Kingdom’s capital city. The exact identity of who drove the sword through the heart and how they were able to destroy the relic is lost to the mists of time.

The Millenia of Chaos

Any sense of victory that the south may have felt after winning their independence and watching their oppressors crumble was soon lost as general instability ravaged the land. Wars started out of the blue, civil unrest blossomed into civil war. And regimes soon started to come and go with the seasons. There is no historical reason as to why the entire continent destablized after the Old Kingdom perished. Some theologists have speculated that it may have been due to the nature of the land, Arvanis’ presence was still throughout Avridiel. Others think it was a consequence of unleashing the Elder Magik trapped within. Whatever the reason, it would be a thousand years before Avridiel would at last come to some form of peace.

Ancient History

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