Below is the mythology of Avridiel as is known by the common person. There is more to the story however only a high Knowledge Religion or Knowledge History check will reveal details.

Pre-Creation Era:
In the beginning there was only Chaos, a massive swirl of matter and energy and magic. Then uncountable eons ago a single strain of the chaotic swirl broke away from the rest and was flung into the void. There the single piece of chaos stayed for many millenia, slowly it began to learn law and order from the void, until it was no longer a piece of chaos, for it had become the Entity a being of order.

The Entity looked at the Chaos swirl from whence it had come, and it moved back into the Chaos, imposing its will upon the Chaos. The Entity took the threads of Chaos and wove them into a pattern, this was Lucalis, the world of Law, it was perfect and unmarred by life.

The First Dragon:
As Lucalis expanded, and more and more of the Chaos swirl was woven into reality, the Entity found it more and more difficult to impose It’s will upon creation. Soon the Entity realized it would need help to expand Lucalis. So the Entity took a thread from the Chaos Swirl and shapped it into Arvanis, the First Dragon. Arvanis was not the being of Law that the Entity had intended him to be, Arvanis lacked the millenia in the void that the Entity had experienced and was chaotic and unpredictable. It was not long before the Entity and Arvanis went to war.

The First War:
The battle between the Entity and Arvanis was not a fight as mortals know it. The Entity would craft a flat plane perfectly symetrical and completely calm, Arvanis would then create irregularity and imperfect mountains rise up. Where the Entity brought Order to the Chaos Swirl, Arvanis would bring chaos and imperfection to Lucalis. As time went on neither side gained or lost significant ground, until finally Arvanis dealt a grevious blow to the Entity’s image of a perfect world. Arvanis brought life to Lucalis.

The Age of the Elder Dragons:
At first Arvanis brought simple life into existence, plant life, mundane animals. Life without thought, however Arvanis soon learned that the mortal life he had created was delicate, and the Entity found it too easy to purify the land of life’s taint. Arvanis could not be everywhere at once and realized he’d need help to secure life’s place on Lucalis. So Arvanis took a few strains of Chaos and crafted them in his likeness, creating the Elder Dragons, beings not quite as powerful as Arvanis but still fearsome beasts wielding powerful Elder Magik. Arvanis deployed his Elder Dragons to protect the life he had created, it was not long before the Entity gave up Its attempt to purify his world. The land was no longer the image of perfect Law, it was no longer Lucalis but now a combination of Law and Chaos. In the years to come the land would be renamed Ferindale.

The Elven Empire:
As time went on Arvanis’ creations of life became more and more complex, eventually he created the Elves, long lived beings with superior intellects. The Elves succeeded in a way that rivaled the Elder Dragons, it did not take long for the Elves to revere Arvanis and his Elder Dragons as their Gods. They established the Order of the Talon, a sect dedicated to the worship of Chaos and the Dragons. It only took a few millenia for the Elves to spread out across all of Ferindale creating a massive empire. For a time there was no greater mortal race than the elves, until the fateful day that Arvanis showed his true colors. No one knows why Arvanis decided to destroy the Elven Empire, perhaps it was in his nature as a being of Chaos, perhaps it was out of some sick sense of humor. Whatever the reason, Arvanis and the Elder Dragons rained fire down upon the Elves. What took a millenia to create was destroyed in a single day.

The Age of Man:
Soon other beings rose to match the once great Elven race, Dwarves began to mine the mountains, crafting nature into order, they soon revered the Entity seeing a kinship in the being of Law. Man and their short life span soon became the dominant species, accomplishing more in their short lives than the elves or Dwarves. Other races rose up and established their own countries and empires. Soon the Dwarven religion following the Entity spread, it was soon named the Church of Lucali, named after the Entity’s perfect world Lucalis. The religion did not share the free structure that the Order of the Talon had, instead it had rigid tenants and an almost militaristic power structure. Both religions spread across the land equally. It was not long before tensions began to rise.

The Grand War:
As worship of the Entity and Arvanis spread, the two beings soon took notice of the mortal’s reverence. Arvanis was the first to take advantage of the mortals, sending His Elder Dragons to influence his followers to attack the Order of Lucali. It was not long before the Entity began utilizing Its followers, soon after full scale war engulfed all of Ferindale. It was the Grand War, the only battle that ever truly mattered. Mortal armies rose up under Arvanis’ banner attacking Lucali cities with the backup of the powerful Elder Dragons. The Entity soon became involved in the war directly, defending cities from the Elder Dragon attacks, urging Its followers to strike back with rigid discipline that sent the disorganized ranks of the Order of the Talon running. The war raged for a thousand years before finally Arvanis and the Entity met in the skies above Ferindale’s largest ocean, to do battle one final time.

The Final Battle:
No one is quite sure what happened when Arvanis and the Entity met. Strange flashes were seen from the coast line hundreds of miles away. Deafening blasts were heard all over the world. Finally an anguished bellow was heard and an impact that shook all of Ferindale was felt. Arvanis was dead. Those who followed the Entity rejoiced, while the Order of the Talon held their breath, would this spell the end for all life on Ferindale? Would the world become Lucalis once again? All waited, but nothing happened. Soon it became clear the Entity had vanished.

It did not take long for rumors to spread of a new land in the oceans where Arvanis had fell. Speculations rose up of vast power to be found in the new land, possible access to Elder Magik the most powerful force in creation. Soon explorers boarded ships heading towards the new land. As the Explorers approached the continent a mist descended upon them. Those that tried to turn back were met with tragedy at sea. No means of travel magical or mundane would allow escape from Avridiel, the new settlers were trapped there forever.


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