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History and Background

Mythology – The origins of the country Avridiel, the world Ferindale, the Entity, and Arvanis.
Ancient History – Avridiel in years long past, the story of Avridiel’s history from its colonization to the fall of the Old Kingdom and the beginning of the Millennium of Chaos.
Modern History – Documented History from the Age of Malchor to the present day in the Imperial Age.


A Lordly Request- Lord Antonius hires the party to rescue the heirs of Svatch and Lucali from an Orc tribe. Along the way the party encounters an agent of a as of yet unknown aggressor known simply as the Architect. After delving into the cavern and eventually confronting a Vampire Mastermind they rescue the children. Upon emerging from the cave they were confronted by a large force of Svatch Warriors, they demanded both Heirs (a political move to be sure) however thanks to the efforts of the party they managed to liberate the Lucali Heir from the Svatchi clutches.

The Warrior’s Way- Despite their successful efforts to help the Lucali Heir evade the Svatch Warrior’s clutches the party was largely unable to escape the clutches of the Svatch Warrior. However they are given a chance to escape their prison if they become Warriors of Svatch a grueling trial that ended up claiming the life of one of the party.

Western Trade- After proving themselves warriors of Svatch, the party acts as mediators between Svatch and Lucali, to little avail. After, they are sent to Evenfall to hunt down a smuggling operation supplying both Lucali and Svatch with weapons. After foiling a Smuggling operation in the South, under the shadow of the impenetrable wall surrounding the mysterious country of Vissix, the party obtains a letter outlining a future meeting between the leader of the Smugglers and their mysterious adversary The Architect.

Meetings in the Dark- Using the letter, the party moves to intercept the mysterious Architect. Down into the Sewers beneath Ganoth they venture. Along the way they assist the City Watch with a case of children disappearing into the sewers. They travel deep within the complicated network of catacombs until they find themselves in the Old Sewers which is riddled with Undead left over from the Underking a Lich who was killed a long time ago. Finally they arrive at the meeting location, only to find that the Architect is none other than Lord Thorian the Master of Public Works in Ganoth. Upon recognizing the party, Thorian ran, narrowly escaping pursuit.

Accomplice- Outrage spreads in Ganoth over the scandal surrounding Lord Thorian, however the party does not have time to gossip, they must track down Lord Thorian’s associates, in the hope of tracking down the wayward traitor. The party hunts down a diabolist by the name of Sanis Calindre. Together the party manage to capture this dangerous spellcaster, and turn him over to the Royal Inquisitor.

Puppet Strings- With the capture of Sanis Calindre the full extent of Lord Thorian’s actions come to light. Numerous contacts for the Architect have been discovered and consequentially arrested. The location of Thorian’s is revealed as well, a mysterious lair in the Northern No-Man’s-Land simply called the Cloister. Lord Antonius sends the party to capture Thorian. However before arriving, the party encounters a village inhabited by one disturbed boy and the ghosts of the rest of the village. Diabolism is the name of the game, as the heroes realize that the village is empty as a result of a careless deal with a Devil. The party soon tracks the Devil in question to the aforementioned Cloister. There they delve deep into the darkness. They are shocked to learn that the pit leads to Hell itself. There they encounter Lord Thorian and Bel, Duke of Hell. Despite their apparent peril, Thorian assures the party that while he is in fact the Architect, his actions have all been to stop a sinister plot to drive Avridiel to war, the mastermind behind it all being none other than Lord Antonius. Bel promises the party release if they vow to stop Antonius’ machinations. Sadly Orpheus’ moral code would not permit him to make a deal with a Devil. Refusing to accept any offer, Orpheus is killed instantly by Bel.

Lord of Gold- After killing Orpheus, Bel transports the rest of the party to a small town in the Northern part of Ganoth. Here they wait for a sign from the Architect for the next step in the fight against Lord Antonius. Finally they receive word that a Merchant Lord has been arrested in Ganoth, allegedly the Merchant Lord was in collaboration with the ‘Architect’. Evenfall is outraged that one of their leaders has been arrested in Ganoth. The party must move to avoid International conflict.

Other Heroes- For a moment we leave the party and follow the adventures of a man without a past, in a small town named Holkov. Although his past is a mystery, this humble man’s only concerns are now getting the harvest in before the Fall Rains begin. All of this changes when Svatch raiders threaten the town. He must now lead his band of minor leaguers and stop the threat posed by the raiders. As he fights the truth of his past is revealed to him. He is none other than Orpheus, reincarnated by some mysterious means for an unknown reason. The only clue he has, is a strange tattoo on his forehead. Despite Orpheus’ valiant efforts, things seem to have taken a turn for the worse, the raiders have retreated, however they promise to return with an army.

Battle of Holkov- Knowing he’d need the assistance of his fellow adventurers, Orpheus puts out the call. It is not long before his team mates meet up with him at Holkov with a small army at their backs. The army, composed mostly of mercenaries and a few of the Faceless Man’s personal guards, has one task, to contain this attack. Sadly this does not go as planned, when Wunderweis accidentally brings the wrath of the Vampires down on the entire battlefield. Few survivors stumble away from the fray, all telling tales of the battle that was never supposed to happen.

Guilds and Orders

The Imperial Alliance
The Church of Lucali
The Order of the Talon
The Order of Vissix
The Tower of Magi

More to come…

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