Kings of Ganoth

*The Current Year is 189 IA

The following is an excerpt from the Official Royal Historical Records. All facts contained within meet the standards of The Royal Censor and have received a seal of recognition from the Royal Family

Malchor Regis (? – 44 AM)
Ascended to the Throne in 0 AM
Known For: Establishing the Ganthonian Empire, War of Red Rivers, Establishing Evenfall, Establishing the Imperial Alliance. Fulfilling the Elder Mage’s Prophecy and leading Avridiel out of Chaos.

Malchor Regis grew up during the Millennium of Chaos, however he was spared many of the horrors of the age thanks to the strong castle walls that surrounded him. At the time Ganoth was no sprawling city but rather a modest fort, a small town had sprouted up over time to house the merchants who traded there. Once long before the Millennium of Chaos, Ganoth had been a City-State, a vast impressive city that dwarves the Ganoth of today. However that was before the Old Kingdom had fallen. Before the Millennium of Chaos, the entire Continent of Avridiel was ruled over by the Old Kingdom, the forgotten Kings of that mighty kingdom were capable of almost anything thanks to the vast stores of Elder Magik at their command. They were viewed upon as Gods walking the Earth. However the Kingdom had fallen and so had the continent into a period of savagery and chaos, where petty Warlords ruled, and Kingdoms rose up and washed away like the tide. When Malchor was still a young boy, he was approached by an Elder Mage, who spoke a prophecy to the young soon-to-be-king. Malchor Regis would rise up and lead the Continent out of Chaos, and so Malchor Regis founded the Ganthonian Empire. Although much of the History of the Ganthonian Empire is unpleasant, Malchor eventually saw the error in his ways and dissolved the Empire in its place he established the Imperial Alliance, its tenants and institutions are still practiced to this day. He lived out his final years in reclusion, claiming his Son should have practice at ruling, it would be soon that Faes Regis would need that skill

Faes Regis (29 AM – 105 AM)
Ascended to the Throne in 44 AM
Known For: Unifying the Barbarian Tribes into Svatch, Joining Svatch to the Imperial Alliance, Being a benevolent and diplomatic leader.

Faes Regis is celebrated as a master Diplomat, Faes was ten when his father King Malchor Regis established the Imperial Alliance, Faes Regis was just old enough to truly appreciate what was happening around him, while still maintaining a child like innocence. The effect was that Faes Regis grew into a very Benevolent King, it also bestowed him with a skill at Diplomacy which was in some ways a forgotten art. He used this ability to mend the various schisms and rifts between the Barbarian tribes of the East, eventually unifying them under one leader. Forming the country of Svatch, which Faes eventually welcomed into the Imperial Alliance.

Malchor Regis II (56 AM – 109 AM)
Ascended to the Throne in 105 AM
Known For: Shortest reign as King.

Younger brother of Faes Regis, Malchor Regis II grew up in his brother’s shadow. Having been the second son of the King, he had assumed the throne would pass on to his brother’s Son, Isaac Regis. However a disease of the mind took hold of his nephew when he was seventeen, a terrible affliction that led to erratic behavior and fits of convulsions. Healers from all over the land tried to alleviate young Isaac of his affliction, however whether they were rural healers from the countryside of Eastern Ganoth, or the High Clerics of the Church of Lucali straight from the Iron Citadel none could seem to free the King’s Son of his madness. Faes Regis being a benevolent ruler, knew that his son was not fit to lead Ganoth. So he established a new law of succession to safeguard Ganoth from mad Kings and unfit Monarchs. A council of all of Ganoth’s Nobles must approve an heir as fit to rule before he is recognized, taking into account validity of the heir’s royal blood, fitness of mind and body, and maturity. And so it was that Malchor Regis II took the throne at the age of forty-nine. Although he only ruled for four years before a heart attack took him, and during his reign he never accomplished anything of historical note during, he was an effective if somewhat unremarkable King. He instituted many civic policies and was a skilled administrator when it came to the government’s structure. Many of the taxation laws that exist in Ganoth were drafted originally by King Malchor Regis II.

Malchor Regis III (90 AM – 133 AM)
Ascended to the Throne in 109 AM
Known For: The No Man’s Land Agreement.

Although King Faes Regis II is known for the Cataclysm War, many claim no such war would have occured if not for the actions of Malchor Regis III. At the age of nine his father King Malchor Regis II was declared as the lawful heir to the throne, after which point he began intensive preparations for the day he would eventually replace his father as King of Ganoth. As the child developed into his teen years his father took the throne and Malchor Regis III was declared the Crowned Prince. During his father’s reign, Malchor Regis III was reported to be a nuisance in Court, especially when dealing with countries outside the Imperial Alliance. Many personal journals of various Nobles living at the time refer to the young Prince as ‘abrasive’ and ‘ungraceful’ when it came to Diplomacy. This nature of Malchor Regis III did not go away when he assumed the throne in 109 AM, he believed fervently that the Imperial Alliance was a force of Civilization and Common Sense in Avridiel and all who didn’t count themselves among the Alliance were inferior. This belief added immense tension to the Imperial Alliance’s relationship with the Avridiel Hegemony.

Faes Regis II (118 AM – 33 IA)
Ascended to the Throne in 133 AM
Known For: The Cataclysm War, Rallied Ganoth to victory over the Underking.
There are many who question the reign of King Faes Regis II over his handling of the Cataclysm War, which eventually led the Mages of the Order of Vissix to split the continent.

Tysal Regis (3 IA – 42 IA)
Ascended to the Throne in 33 IA
Known For: Established Lucali as the official religion of the Imperial Alliance.

Edrin Regis II (23 IA – 86 IA)
Ascended to the Throne in 42 IA
Known For: Creating the position Royal Spymaster and the Ganthonian Subterfuge Order.

Erik Regis (42 IA – 109 IA)
Ascended to the Throne in 86 IA
Known For: Getting the Free Trade Act passed by the Imperial Council.

Edrin Regis IV (73 IA – 123 IA)
Ascended to the Throne in 109 IA
Known For: Writing into Law the Patriotic Mage Decree.

Tysal Regis II (105 IA – 155 IA)
Ascended to the Throne in 123
Known For: Decadent Parties and Celebrations.

King Casimir II (136 IA – Present)
Ascended to the Throne in 155 IA
Known For:

Kings of Ganoth

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