Imperial Alliance

The Imperial Alliance

The Imperial Alliance is the union of countries in Avridiel, it is a loose association, with little control over the individual countries. A general code of laws is established by the Imperial Council. Trade laws are passed and tarrifs agreed upon. Also a small army is employed by the Council to carry out missions important to the entire Alliance. The Imperial Alliance is ruled over by the Imperial Council, which is composed by a representative from each country. In addition to the seats for Ganoth, Svatch, Lucali, and Evenfall an additional seat is kept open for a representative of the country Vissix, although it has remained vacant except for one circumstance when the mages from the Order of Vissix delivered their warning to the remainder of Avridiel.


Originally the Imperial Alliance was the Ganthonian Empire, established by Malchor Regis when he allied with the remnant of Lucali. The Ganthonian Empire went on to conquer most of the Border Kingdoms in the west in a war that would become known as the War of Red Rivers. After the brutal acts performed during the war, Ganoth declared the remainder of the boarder kingdoms would be combined and formed into a new country known as Evenfall. Another fallout of the War of Red Rivers was the abolishment of the Ganthonian Empire and the establishment of the Imperial Alliance a more fair and just system of Government. Soon afterwards the diplomatic prowess of Ganoth managed to unite the warring barbarian tribes north of Lucali to establish the country of Svatch. Vissix was formally invited to sit on the Imperial Council however the strange country on the southern most part of Avridiel chooses to stay largely out of all affairs of the other countries, preferring their isolationist ways.


Diplomat: Lord Antonius

Ganoth is widely regarded as the capital of the Imperial Alliance, although it officially holds no more power than any other country, unofficially however Ganoth holds massive amounts of political power. This is a double edged sword, as most Ganoth emissaries are respected and often times can get what they want, however most other countries view Ganoth as power hungry and meddlesome. In some cases this is true, the best example is Ganoth’s tarrifs on all trade done between Evenfall and Lucali and Svatch. Since most trade runs through Ganoth, the King of Ganoth imposed a tarrif on all shipments through the country. In addition Ganoth has pushed to make it illegal to run caravans through No Man’s Land or on the border of Vissix, forcing all trade to go through Ganoth. This has earned the ire of many in all countries, however has greatly profited Ganoth. The diplomat sitting on behalf of Ganoth is appointed by the King himself, and is bestowed an honorary Lordship.


Diplomat: The Faceless Man

Evenfall’s relationship with the Imperial Alliance is complicated. Back when the Alliance was the Ganthonian Empire, Evenfall was a collection of small Border Kingdoms. Malchor Regis King of Ganoth led a conquest against the area, hoping to add them to his growing Empire. The Border Kingdoms did not fall as easily as King Malchor had hoped, the war was long and drawn out and in many cases turned into a slaughter. After nearly twenty years of conquest the region finally fell to Ganoth, however many in Ganoth were displeased with the brutal nature of the war. So in an attempt to placate an unhappy populace, Malchor declared that the remaining kingdoms be united and allowed to rule themselves, establishing the country now known as Evenfall. Evenfall is largely a country governed by money and gold, there is no real established government but rather a collection of Merchant Lords who keep the populace in check with private armies. Since the country is run by wealthy men and not a real government it makes relationships with other countries difficult, so in the case of the Imperial Council, the Merchant Lords hire a skilled Diplomat for hire. Since each Merchant Lord has his or her own secret agenda and bribery is not beneath them, the Merchant Lords decide to keep this Diplomat’s identity a secret from everyone. This man is known as the Faceless Man. In all formal affairs the man wears a mask disguising himself from any parties who might bribe him. In return the collective of Merchant Lords pay him a vast fortune. As each Faceless Man retires he selects a new Faceless Man, this way the only person who knows the Faceless Man’s true identity is the previous Faceless Man.


Diplomat: Mother Mayan

Lucali has always been a loyal member of the Alliance, the idea of an organized international political setup fits in with their beliefs in Law and Order. During the millenia of Anarchy following the fall of the Old Kingdom, Lucali largely stayed in tact, becoming isolationist in their mountain cities. Malchor Regis approached the Iron Sentinel hoping to add the strength and consistency of Lucali’s armies to his growing empire. So the Iron Sentinel appointed the first Bishop of Ganoth, who acts as both diplomat for Lucali and head of the Lucali religion in Ganoth. For the most part Lucali has been a staunch if somewhat stern ally of the Imperial Alliance, the only real exception to this is in the Imperial Alliance dealings with Svatch. When Malchor Regis first united the Barbarian clans and brought them into the Alliance Lucali almost declared war on Ganoth and Svatch. If not for the pleas for peace made by many in Lucali and the recent memory of the War of Red Rivers, the newly formed Imperial Alliance could have dissolved. Nowadays Lucali is the religious center for the Imperial Alliance devotees from all across Avridiel make pilgrimages to the Iron Halls at the center of the Citadel.


Diplomat: High Chieftan Olgar

Svatch and the Imperial Alliance have a strained relationship. Svatch is a culture largely driven by strength, which makes it hard for any Clansman to take the bureacrats and diplomats seriously. It doesn’t help that Svatch and Lucali are almost always at odds on one matter or another. Unlike any of the other countries in the Imperial Alliance, Svatch does not have a diplomat sitting on the Council, instead the leader of Svatch sits the council himself. However since the High Chieftan is needed in Svatch, for the most part Svatch stays out of the affairs in the Imperial Council. In the rare circumstances that the High Chieftan does sit the Council he is often times difficult to work with, viewing his fellow Diplomats with a measure of contempt particularly the Bishop from Lucali.

Imperial Alliance

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