Thousands of years ago in the land of Ferindale, war between the forces of Law and Chaos raged. Mortals of all races and cultures ammassed under two banners, that of the Entity a being of pure Law determined to create Its image of the perfect world, one devoid of life, and Arvanis the first dragon a being of Chaos who wishes nothing more than to submerge the world back into the chaotic swirl of energy and matter from whence it came. Finally one fateful day, Arvanis and the Entity met in the skies above Ferindale’s largest ocean. No one is quite sure what happened when these two Gods did battle. What is known is that Arvanis was cast into the ocean, his body becoming a new continent. And the Entity disappeared, not fullfilling Its wish of creating a perfect world.

However the story does not end with the death of Arvanis and the disappearance of the Entity. Numerous explorers ventured to the new continent, eager for new lands and promises of access to Arvanis’ Elder Magik. The explorers soon learned that those who went to the new continent could not return to the mainland. The new continent was named Avridiel, and soon a massive Kingdom was established using Elder Magik obtained from Arvanis’ Heart. However one day the Kingdom crumbled and Avridiel was submerged into chaos and anarchy for a thousand years.

Finally, Malchor Regis a man of the Southern lands established a new Kingdom, this was Ganoth. He single handedly brought Avridiel back from anarchy. New countries were established in both the North and the South. However it was not long before War errupted between the North and the South. Fearing the continent would be submerged into anarchy again, mages from the Order of Vissix ventured to the mountains between the north and south and split the continent in twain. The North forever removed from the South, and peace returned, the mages soon retreated to their country raising an impenetrable barrier. Before they left they gave the land a message, “Peace must prevail or we shall return”.

Now over three and a half centuries later the stirrings of unrest are found throughout the Imperial Alliance. Rumors of war are spreading, and precious few now fight for peace. The actions of a few will determine the fate of Avridiel…

The site is currently under construction, I will be adding more gradually as it become relevant to the game. The Wiki is a good place to look for new pages, also Characters will keep track of game important figures, and the Adventure Log will remind you of what’s already happened. For now take a look at these pages:

Mythology – A more detailed story of Ferindale’s creation and all events leading up to the creation of the Continent, Avridiel.


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